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OWON 1-CH High Frequency Arbitrary Waveform Generator

+ Advanced DDS technology, max 150MHz frequency output
+ Up to 400MS/s sample rate, and 1μHz frequency resolution
+ Vertical Resolution : 14 bits, up to 1M arb waveform length
+ Comprehensive waveform output : 5 basic waveforms,
   and 45 built-in arbitrary waveforms
+ Comprehensive modulation functions :
    AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep, and Burst
+ SCPI, and LabVIEW supported 
+ 4 inches high resolution (480 × 320 pixels) LCD

Specifications Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Model AG4081 AG4101 AG4121 AG4151
Channel single + trigger
Frequency Output 80MHz 100MHz 120MHz 150MHz
Sample Rate 400MS/s
Vertical Resolution 14 bits
Standard Waveform Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, and Noise
Arbitrary Waveform Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Sin(x)/x, Step Wave, and others, total 45 built-in waveforms,
user-defined arbitrary waveform
Frequency (resolution 1μHz)
Sine 1μHz - 80MHz 1μHz - 100MHz 1μHz - 120MHz 1μHz - 150MHz
Square 1μHz - 40MHz 1μHz - 50MHz
Pulse 1μHz - 20MHz 1μHz - 25MHz
Ramp 1μHz - 1MHz
Noise 50MHz (-3dB) (typical)
Arb 1μHz - 10MHz
Amplitude 10m Vpp - 10 Vpp (50Ω),
20m Vpp - 20 Vpp (high impedance)
Resolution 1mVpp or 4 digits
DC Offset Range (AD+DC) ±5V (50Ω), ±10V (high impedance)
DC Offset Range Resolution 1mV or 4 digits
Load Impedance 50Ω (typical)
Arbitrary Waveform
Wave Length 2 pts to 1M pts
Sample Rate 200MS/s
Vertical Resolution 14 bits
Non-volatile Memory 64M byte
Modulation Waveform AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep, and Burst
Modulation Frequency 2mHz to 20.00KHz (FSK 1μHz - 100KHz)
Input / Output
Display 4 inch (480 × 320 pixels) LCD
Type external modulation input, 
external trigger input / output,
external reference clock input / output
Communication Interface USB host, USB device, RS232, and LAN
Dimension (W×H×D) 235 × 110 × 295 (mm)
Device Weight 3.00 kg

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